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Land Use Planning


Land Use Planning

On a global level, land use planning ensures the use of land resources in an organized fashion so that the needs of the present and future generations can be best addressed. Land use planning has as its basic purpose to ensure that each area of land will be used so as to provide maximum social benefits, especially including food production, without degradation of the land resource.

On a community level, land use planning is the process communities use to identify appropriate and compatible uses for land within their jurisdictions. Land use is one element of an overall or comprehensive plan process that may also include transportation, housing, open space, community and social services, natural resources and environmental quality, public safety, and economic development.
On a site specific level land use planning is the process by which an individual or organization applies their goals, social, environmental and economic to a specific parcel of land.

Brooks & Brooks uses its land use planning expertise to assist land users in selecting options that increase their productivity and sustainability while meeting the needs of the community. While there is bound to be conflict over land use, Brooks & Brooks uses clear lines of communication between community and client to assist both sides in understanding the link between site specific goals and the regulatory needs.

Land use planning is the link between development and environmental preservation, whether it be for a two lot subdivision so your children can live in their home town or the preservation of the old growth forest on your 1,000 acre estate. Brooks & Brooks has generations of experience in Land Use planning.


  • Your Goals Defined
  • Site Analysis
  • State Environmental Quality Review
  • Pre-planning Meeting
  • Approve sketch Plan
  • Subdivision/Site Survey
  • Engineering Studies
  • Submittal to Planning Board
  • Submittal to Health Department
  • Advertisement of Public Hearing
  • Publishing of Final Maps
  • Payment of Real Estate/School Taxes
  • File Map in County Clerks Office
  • Monumentation of Your Project